What is Explore A Board?
Explore A Board is a multi-day board game event where your goal is to make it to the center of the board. Do so in as many boards as you can before the event ends to win more and more prizes.

Your piece starts on the bottom left of the board and the goal is in the center of the board. As you spin the wheel and move spaces, you will travel in a spiral pattern until you reach the reward in the center of the board.

In addition to the prizes you can collect by landing on certain spaces, your reward for finishing the board will get bigger with each step you take on the board!

When you get to the center of the board, you'll earn the entire Board Reward as your prize and move on to a new board with the opportunity to win even bigger prizes!

How do I access the Explore A Board game?
To access the board at any time during the event, just hit the button on the bottom menu shaped like the board game wheel.

How do I move around the board?
To move around the board, you just need to access the Explore A Board game and press the spin button on the wheel that is in the bottom right corner. When it stops on a number, your game piece will move that number of spaces. The wheel will also display your current number of Wheel Spins. You need to have at least one Wheel Spin in order to spin the wheel and move around the board.

How do I earn Wheel Spins?
You can earn Wheel Spins used to move around the board by winning credits on any machine in the game. The more credits you win, the more Wheels Spins you earn! You can only hold a certain number of Wheel Spins at a time, though, so be sure to use the ones you earn.

What prizes can I win?
The Board Reward credit prize is waiting for you at the end of every board! In addition to this prize, you can earn other prizes by landing on certain spaces.

To earn these additional rewards, you will have to land on them with the final move of a spin:

  • Credits Reward spaces will give you an instant credit prize!
  • Reward Up spaces will give a HUGE boost to the Board Reward that is waiting for you at the center of the board!
  • Mystery Reward spaces will give you a surprise reward! There's no telling what's inside it until you land on it!

In addition to these prizes, you will earn one last credit reward at the end of the event. This credit reward will grow bigger and bigger with each board you complete during that event!

What is this credit meter below the board?
This credit prize meter keeps track of all the credits you've earned during your current visit to the board game screen. Each time you win a credit reward from Explore A Board, the credits will be counted in this meter. When you leave the board game screen to spin in a machine, the credits will fly to your wallet, ready to be bet!

How long is each Explore A Board event?
The duration of each Explore A Board event can vary, but you can always see how much time is left in the current event by looking at the timer above the board in the board game screen.