What is Bonus Buddy?
Bonus Buddy is your little companion that gives you amazing perks if you keep it active. You can check on your friend any time by clicking on the monkey head to access the main feature dialog.

What are the Perks I can get from this little Buddy?
There are 3 perks you can get from your Buddy:
  1. Increased Hourly Bonus
    If this perk is active, you will get extra credits when collecting your hourly bonus.

  2. Banana Respin
    When Banana Respin is active, there is a chance that your Buddy will turn your losing spins into winning ones.

  3. Banana Bonus
    When Banana Bonus is active, there is a chance that your Buddy will give you a credit reward on any spin you make.

You can check if your perks are active by going into the main dialog. Inactive perks are marked “Inactive” while active ones will be highlighted.

How do I activate Perks?
Feed your Buddy banana treats to activate the perks. The more treats you feed your Buddy, the more perks you can activate and the longer those perks will remain active. Your Buddy will be full when you feed it enough treats. The feed button will turn grey when your Buddy is full and you will need to wait until it’s ready to eat more treats again.
You can check out how much time you have for each activated perk by viewing the perks in the main dialog.

What does the Perk Meter do?
The meter on the right side of the perks is the Perk Meter. The meter will fill as you feed your Buddy. Perks will be activated as your Perk Meter reaches the corresponding perks listed next to the meter.

How do I level up my Buddy and what will happen when it levels up?
Feeding your Buddy treats will increase your bond with your Buddy and increase your Buddy’s level. You can see how close your Buddy is to leveling up on the meter below its name. When your Buddy levels up, all of your perks are permanently boosted! You receive even more from your hourly bonus and will have boosted chances of a Banana Respin and a Banana Bonus. Keep feeding your Buddy treats to level it up!

At this time, your Bonus Buddy can have a maximum level of 20.

How do I get more treats?
  1. Free Treat
    You can get free treats in the Bonus Buddy screen every once in a while. Click the “FREE Treat” button to collect your free treat. A timer will show how long you need to wait to get the next free treat, at which point you can come back to claim another

  2. Completing your Daily Challenges 
    We will reward you with treats if you complete all your Daily Challenges. Remember to come back to the Bonus Buddy screen to claim those treats after you complete your Daily Challenges!

  3. Look for Bananas!
    Treats might appear in the Credit Store, in your Rainbow Rush chests, in Elite Pass, or anywhere else you can imagine! Keep an eye out for bananas among your rewards!

What does the banana on my Buddy’s head mean?
It means you have treats available to collect! Click the Buddy icon to go into the Bonus Buddy screen and collect your treats!

What else does my Buddy do?
When you spin in machines, your Buddy will also react to your gameplay. Your Buddy will be excited when you win big, sad when you don't, happy when you bet high, and bored when you bet low. Keep spinning to see what your Buddy does!