What is Prestige?
Prestige is a rewards program that provides players with exclusive benefits for playing Wizard of Oz Slots. You can check on your Prestige Status at any time by clicking the Prestige button on the bottom of the screen in any lobby.

How do I become a Member and activate my Membership Benefits?
You can earn a Prestige Membership by accumulating enough Prestige Points. Once you have earned enough Prestige Points, you will gain a Prestige Membership Pass which grants you Prestige Membership for seven days. You can enjoy all the Prestige Membership Benefits during those seven days.

Once you earn a Prestige Membership Pass, you can keep earning Prestige Points to obtain a second Prestige Membership Pass, which will add seven more days to your Prestige Membership. You can earn a maximum of  two Membership Passes at a time. This means once you have earned two Membership Passes, you will need to wait until one expires to earn another pass.

What are the Prestige Membership Benefits?
The current slate of Prestige Membership Benefits includes:

Daily Credits Back On Every Bet
This benefit will save a portion of all your bets each day of your Membership and refund that portion to you the next day. Daily Credits Back can be found in your in-game Inbox in the Goodies section and should arrive after 8AM Pacific as long as you bet credits the previous day.

Free Gift On Every Credit Purchase
This benefit will give you an instant Credit gift with every purchase made while you are a Prestige Member. Prestige Purchase Gifts can be found in your in-game Inbox in the Goodies section and should arrive shortly after a completed and confirmed purchase made as a Prestige Member.

Daily Surprise Gift In Your Inbox
This benefit will give you a Surprise Gift once a day. This gift can be Credits, Lucky Cards, Scratchers, and other items. Daily Surprise Gifts can be found in your in-game Inbox in the Goodies section and should arrive after 8AM Pacific each day while a Prestige Member.

How do I earn Prestige Points?
You can earn Prestige Points in multiple ways:

  • Prestige Points are granted with any Credit purchase made in the game.
  • Prestige Points can sometimes be earned as Prizes from Daily Challenges and the Elite Pass.
  • Prestige Points are granted while spinning in any slot machine. Prestige Points are granted once you spin enough times at a qualified bet or higher. You can bet higher than the qualified amount to earn even more Prestige Points. Only a limited amount of Prestige Points can be earned from spinning each day.
  • Keep an eye out for Prestige Points granted from other features as well!

Prestige is being released gradually. You may not see this feature in your game yet, but it will be made available to more players over time