What is Emerald City Empire?

Emerald City Empire is a multi-day event where your goal is to build the Emerald City from a small settlement into a huge city! As you improve the Emerald City, the city’s Credit Bank will accumulate more credits for you to periodically collect. In addition to the Credit Bank, you will also receive rewards for leveling up each of your buildings and for expanding your city.

When you enter the Emerald City Empire screen, you will be presented with three buildings and your city’s Credit Bank. You can collect from the Credit Bank once the timer hits zero and the button says collect. You can upgrade buildings by spending Emeralds that you can find by spinning in any machine.

Certain buildings also award City Tokens on certain levels when you level them up. Collect enough of these to expand your entire city and collect a reward!

How do I access the Emerald City Empire event?

To access Emerald City Empire at any time during the event, just hit the button on the bottom menu shaped like the city’s Credit Bank..

How do I upgrade my buildings in Emerald City Empire?

In order to upgrade buildings in Emerald City Empire, simply select the build button under any one of the buildings you see. You will need to have the indicated number of emeralds in your emerald wallet each time you hit the build button. Once you fill up the meter under the building, the building will level up and you will receive the prize shown under that building and a City Token if it is also displayed under the building. You can always see how many Emeralds you have at the top of the Emerald City Empire screen.

How do I earn Emeralds to use in the Emerald City Empire event?

You can earn Emeralds by spinning on any machine in the game! Every few spins Emerald symbols will drop from the reels and add to your wallet. Expanding your city will increase the Emeralds you earn on each drop from machines!

How do I earn City Tokens and expand my city?

You can earn City Tokens on certain buildings at certain levels. You’ll see the City Token symbol under a building near the prize if that level up also comes with a City Token. Level up each of your buildings to find as many as you can. Each time you get a city token, the City Meter at the top of the screen will fill up a little bit.

Once you have enough City Tokens to fill the City Meter, you can expand your city. In order ot expand your city, just press the “Expand City” button underneath the meter. Your Credit Bank will save all its progress when you expand, so there is no need to worry when expanding! After you expand your city, you’ll earn evern more emeralds from each drop on the machine reels!

What prizes can I win?

You can collect credits from your city’s Credit Bank periodically through the event. Certain rewards will also help your Credit Bank generate more credits and also generate credis faster!

Also, a Credit prize is waiting for you each time you expand your city!

In addition to these prizes, you can earn other prizes every time you level up your city’s buildings.

Some of these prizes include:

  • Instant Credit prizes.

  • An increase to your Credit Bank’s Maximum Credits, which increases the amount you collect each time!

  • A decrease to your Credit Bank’s production time, which decreases the time it takes for your Credit Bank to make credits, meaning you can collect more often!.

  • Lucky Cards

  • Bonus Buddy Treats

  • Scratchers

How long is each Emerald City Empire event?

The duration of each Emerald City Empire event can vary, but you can always see how much time is left in the current event by looking at the timer ath te top of the Emerald City Empire screen.