What is Wicked Tower?


What is Wicked Tower?

Wicked Tower is a new way to get fabulous prizes every day by climbing the Tower of the Wicked Witch. Each floor, you choose a prize. When you make it to the top floor - or decide to cash out early and take your winnings - you’ll earn all the prizes you picked. But watch out for the Wicked Witch! If you pick her, it’s game over.


How do I access the Wicked Tower?

To access the Wicked Tower, tap the button that’s shaped like a little tower. You’ll be able to test your luck once per day for free. If you’ve already climbed that day, you’ll see a countdown timer showing when you can play again.


How do I play “Wicked Tower?”

After you tap the tower button, you’ll have a chance to learn about today’s climb and any special prizes you can win. Tap “Play Now” to get started.


Every floor, you’ll choose one of four available items. Each one can contain a fabulous prize, and the prizes get better every time you move up a floor. But look out! The Wicked Witch is also hiding in one of them, and if she catches you, it’s the end of the line (and the end of all the prizes you’ve collected so far). Use Gems to continue playing if you get caught.


Every few floors, you’ll reach a Lucky Floor. On a Lucky Floor, prizes are boosted and the Wicked Witch is nowhere to be found. Keep climbing to reach new and better Lucky Floors with even bigger prizes!


What prizes can I win?

Prizes include:

  • Credits

  • Lucky Cards

  • Gems

  • Scratchers

  • Bananas for your Bonus Buddy

  • …and more!


What happens if I get caught by the Witch?

The Wicked Witch will burn away all the prizes you’ve earned so far during your climb. If she finds you on Floor 6, she’ll burn away your previous 5 floor’s prizes.


You can use any Gems you have to continue climbing and to keep from losing all your prizes up until that point.


How long does Wicked Tower last?

Each climb will take a minute or two to complete, and you’ll be able to climb the Wicked Tower once per day, every day. Some days will feature different prizes and different numbers of floors than others.


How do I get more Gems?

Please click here to read more about Gems & the Gem store.