What are Gems?


What are Gems?

Gems are a new currency in Wizard of Oz Slots. These can be used for a variety of things, such as additional plays of Wicked Tower once you’ve finished your daily play (when available), or keeping the Wicked Witch at bay if she catches you.


How do I get Gems?

You can earn Gems slowly through certain activities, such as climbing the Wicked Tower. You can also purchase Gems from the Gem Store.


How do I get to the Gem Store?

You can navigate to the Gem Store by tapping your Gem Wallet at any time when you play Wicked Tower. Gems can be purchased the same way that Credits can be purchased.


Will my Gems go away?

Not until you use them. You can keep Gems around for as long as you’d like and use them whenever you’d like.