What is Enchanted Vaults? 

Enchanted Vaults gives you more amazing prizes after you achieve big wins in the game. Anytime you get a Mega Win or higher, you will get a beautiful vault containing additional prizes. Vaults come in various types and each vault takes time to open, but you can open them instantly using gems at any time!

How do I access Enchanted Vaults? 

Vaults will be dropped when you get an eligible win in any machine! You can also access Enchanted Vaults inventory by tapping on the small vault image in the lobby or machines. 


How does Enchanted Vaults work?

After you win a vault when spinning, you will be able to reveal the vault type and add it to your inventory. You can then start a timer or spend gems to open it and claim prizes! Keep in mind that even if you choose to open a vault using the timer, you can still spend gems to open it instantly before the timer is up! 


There are four different types of vaults: common, uncommon, rare, and rainbow. Which vault you get every time is based on chance. However, if you bet higher, you will have a higher chance of getting better prizes in the vault!

You can store up to four vaults total at any given moment. If you receive a fifth vault, you will need to make a decision to give up the new vault or open an existing one immediately.  


What prizes are in the Vaults? You will get credits in every Enchanted Vault!
In addition, you might also receive: 

·       Gems

·       Scratchers 

·       …and more to come! 


How do I get more gems? 

Please click here to read more about Gems and Gem Store.