What is Jackpot Days? Jackpot Days gives you an opportunity to enter into a jackpot and win big when you purchase eligible credit packages on the Buy Page.  It is a time-limited event that will have a clear start and end time.

How do I access Jackpot Days? 

When Jackpot Days is on in the game, you can access it through the Buy Page or the carousel in the lobby. 

How does Jackpot Days work?

After you make an eligible purchase on the Buy Page, you are entered into a jackpot automatically. You can make multiple purchases and enter the jackpot each time independently when the event is on. 


The bigger the credit package you purchase,the higher the chance of you winning the jackpot.  You will be notified immediately about whether you have won the jackpot or not. If you don’t win the jackpot, you will get a consolation prize.  


After a jackpot is won, it will be reset and restarted right away. 

What prize do you get when you win the jackpot? You will get credits!