What is “Race for Riches”?


What is Race for Riches?

Race for Riches is a one-day event where you compete with other players to win big prizes by completing machine-specific challenges. Challenges have a required win multiplier goal to hit to win, shown on the Race for Riches screen. Getting a win of the goal’s win multiplier or higher wins a prize. Rewards are limited per challenge and when they run out, new challenges replace them.


How do I access Race for Riches?

To access Race for Riches at any time during the event, just hit the Race for Riches button on the bottom of the screen.


How do I play Race for Riches?

To play Race for Riches, open the Race for Riches screen and choose a challenge from those available. New challenges will replace expired challenges so check back often to see new challenges. Each challenge applies to one machine so only wins in that machine qualify for the challenge’s reward. To win, spin in the machine and hit a win that’s as big or bigger than the goal of the challenge. For example, if a challenge says “Get a 10x Win” then to win you need to hit a win that’s bigger than 10x your bet.


How much can I win?

The size of your Credit reward is based directly on the size of your bet. Bigger bets give bigger rewards so bet high for the best rewards!


What kind of wins qualify?

When you get a payout from a regular spin, a bonus game (like stick & win), or a set of free spins, you can win a Race for Riches reward. You must hit a Big Win or higher to qualify. You can only win one reward at a time to keep things fair for other players.


What are the challenge types?

There are three types of challenges in Race for Riches: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, from smallest to biggest. The bigger the challenge the harder it is to win but the higher the reward. Challenges apply to one machine at a time.


Do challenges expire?

Challenges expire when all rewards are claimed by players. Occasionally a challenge will expire if it’s been around too long and nobody has claimed all the rewards. This is done to keep the challenges fresh! If a challenge is going to expire due to time, the Race for Riches icon will show a countdown if you’re playing that machine.


How long does Race for Riches last?

The duration of each run of Race for Riches is one day and you can always see how much time is left in the top left of the Race for Riches screen.