Spin & Win is a new 3 player tournament option with a buy-in multiplier!

  • Play faster tournaments with few players.
  • Earn up to a 8x multiplier on your buy-in!

How do I access the Spin & Win Table?

While on the Lobby, hover on the World Poker Tour Tournament Center which is located on the far right of the Table selection (previously the Sit & Go Table). You may choose to click on the Select A Mode button or click on the Image itself (WPT Tournament Center).

When the WPT Tournament Center is open, you may choose which table to play in. The SIT-N-GO Table or the SPIN & WIN Table. An indicator of which table you are in will be seen on top of the game screen.

Don't forget to choose your Buy-in before clicking on the Play Now button.

I want to know more about the SPIN & WIN Table, where do I look?

To know more about the SPIN & WIN Table, you may click on the "?" located in the upper right corner of the WPT Tournament Center Window.

Spin & Win Odds

To determine the winnings, here are the odds and probabilities:

Multiplier and Probability

  • 2X - 50%
  • 3X - 36%
  • 4X - 10%
  • 6X - 3%
  • 8X - 1%