What are Watches?

Zynga Poker Watch Series is a progression series where you earn Watches to show off at the Poker Table to all your buddies.

How do I play the Watch Series?

Simply play Hold'Em to start collecting your Watches! The more you play, the more Watches you can earn!

What will happen to Trophies?

Trophies will still be in your Inventory and you will still be able to block Gifts as a result of another recent improvement to the game. Trophies will not be taken to the table, only Watches will be taken to the Table.

Will my Trophies be taken away?

No, Trophies will not be taken away if they are in your Inventory.

I'm missing Trophies, can I get them back?

With the Watch Series now fully released, we will not be able to grant Trophies to your Inventory.

How do I block people from sending me Gifts?

There will be a Gift blocking feature under the settings of the game that will allow you to stop other players from sending you Gifts.

Can I bring my old Trophy to the Table as I did before?

Unfortunately, this is not possible to allow room for Watches to be brought to the Table.