What are Rings?

  • Win Tournaments to earn EXCLUSIVE "Rings"!
  • Play both SIT-N-GO or Spin & Win to qualify!
  • Earn a UNIQUE "Ring" from each of the LOCATIONS!
  • Get FREE CHIPS for each "Ring" you complete!
  • Show off your PRIZE in your profile and at the table!

How do I play the Ring tournament?

Simply play the watch series you want to! After you have won, select the ring you want!

Tell me more about Rings?

  • Several unique Tournament locations are shown in the lobby
    - Each location has its own Lobby Card, goal, equippable Ring
  • Players earn progress towards a location's Ring by winning their tournament mode of choice
    - Each location supports for Spin & Win and SIT-N-GO
    - Progress is earned across any tournament game mode; only for the selected location
    - Each game mode has a number of different stakes for each location
  • Once a Ring has been earned, it can be equipped in the Inventory
    - This occupies the same space as Watches

What about Tournaments?

Rings are an upgrade to Tournaments.

Can I bring my Ring to the Table to show off?

Yes! In the same place as watches, you will be able to display the ring you have won.