Welcome to the new and improved Poker Suits!

Poker Suits is a limited-time event where you can collect suited cards to win big prizes! Collect all of the necessary Suit cards and you will earn a Suit Jackpot! The more suits you collect the bigger the Jackpots! Collect duplicate Suit cards to earn Wildcards that can be traded for Suit cards! Also, gathering all 4 Suits will unlock the Grand Jackpot which you can immediately claim.

Now you can start collecting Suit cards and winning Jackpots! Good luck!


How do I collect a card from a Suit Set?

  • Winning with selected hole cards at the table collects the cards in the Suit Set. You can win multiple suits to earn Wildcards that can be exchanged for an unclaimed suit!

How are ‘hole cards’ selected?

  • Hole cards are selected at random; the more you play, the more hole cards will be available.

How do I know what “selected” hole cards are when I’m playing?

  • “Selected” hole cards will be highlighted magenta, as shown below with the Queen of Clubs.

How do I complete a Suit Set?

  • Winning with selected hole cards at the table adds to the Suit Set. In the example below, one of each Club is required to complete the Club Suit Set. The 4, 8, 9, and Ace of Clubs were already acquired in this case.

How do I collect Wildcards?

  • You can earn Wildcards by collecting additional cards that you already have. Every extra card collected will go towards the completion of a Wildcard.

Is there a time limit for the Wildcard to be used?

  • Yes, Wildcards must be used before the current season ends.