Piggy Bank is a new feature in Zynga Poker where you can fill a Piggy Bank worth of chips. Once the Piggy Bank is filled, you will then be able to buy the Piggy Bank for a large number of chips at a special price!

Rules and Core Functionality

You can fill your Piggy Bank by winning chips at the tables or making purchases in the App Store or the Zynga Store. Once your Piggy Bank is filled, it will no longer accumulate any more chips, and a special offer to purchase the Piggy Bank will be available for a certain time.

Time-limited availability once the Piggy Bank is filled

You will have a limited amount of time to purchase the newly-filled Piggy Bank. You will see a countdown clock next to the Piggy Bank icon, located in your Home screen, showing how much time is left to take advantage of this special offer.

Be sure not to miss out on the time-limited deal once it is available!

What happens after I purchase a filled Piggy Bank?

Once a Piggy Bank is purchased, you can then fill an even larger Piggy Bank at a special price!