Conquer the competition with Cash Clash, the new competitive event from Zynga Poker! Earn Chips in regular cash games to climb the leaderboards and qualify for multi-day elimination rounds. Prizes get bigger and better with each round you win. Do you have what it takes to win it all?

Find out in Cash Clash, today!


Cash Clash Objective:

  • For the first round qualifier, you and other players will be attempting to win a certain number of chips within a hand limit.

  • Once you qualify, you are placed on a leaderboard to compete and progress through multiple rounds over the next few days.

    • Your rankings will be shown on a leaderboard during Competition Days and Finals.

  • The higher your ranking is on the leaderboard, the larger the rewards will be!

  • You are matched based on your League Division.

    • You will be informed of the event starting time using UMT

How it Works:

  • Qualifiers: Earn a set number of chips within a certain amount of hands to qualify for the competition portion of Cash Clash.

  • Competition: Players reaching a certain threshold of winning Chips on the leaderboard when the day ends will advance on to the semi-finals.

  • Semi-Finals: Meet the day threshold on the Leaderboard to move onto the finals.

  • Finals: Win the most chips during the final day to win the event.

  • Awards: Earn exciting rewards while advancing all the way to the finals!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. If I fail to qualify, can I try again?

    ♦ Yes, you can try to qualify as many times as you want as long as the qualifying period is open.

  2.  Do my other feature progression (Watches, Poker Suits, Rose’s Rewards, Leagues) still work while I play Cash Clash?

    ♥ Yes, all feature progression still accumulates.

  3.  Do Sit-n-Go, and Spin & Win tournaments count towards the Cash Clash progression.

    ♣ No, only wins from "Cash Stake Tables" count toward qualifiers.

  4.  Is there a certain time period to play in the Cash Clash feature?

    ♠ Yes, this is a time-sensitive feature. Please go to the Cash Clash page for more information on the event schedule.