A new team-based competition event is coming soon! Win hands and collect Tokens to redeem for prize rewards! Advance on the map to unlock prizes. Collect the most Tokens on your team and become the MVP to earn larger prizes!

How do I gain access?

Quest for the Chest is being progressively rolled out to Zynga Poker players in batches. If you are unable to access it this time, it will be available to all players soon! Thanks for your understanding during this early testing phase.

How do I play the Quest for the Chest event?

  • It is a team-based competition event.
  • Two teams will compete against each other to collect Tokens and unlock prizes. The first team to reach the required number of Tokens will split the grand prize!
  • The two top players from each team will be crowned MVP and receive a bonus prize!
  • After the event ends, Grand Prize and Token Rewards can be collected through the reward announcement.
  • Event rewards include Gold, Tickets, Challenge Pass Points, and Chips!