Bad Beat Jackpot is a progressive payout that is triggered when a very strong hand loses to an even stronger hand in a showdown.

How do I qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot?

  • To qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot, you must play the threshold hand in a showdown and LOSE.

  • When you win the Bad Beat Jackpot, you will get the entire jackpot, and other players at the same table will get a portion of their own Bad Beat Jackpot to celebrate.

  • You cannot qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot with no-hole cards.

  • You will be notified if you have a strong hand above the threshold based on your cards and any of the cards in the center.

Jackpot Contribution:

At the end of each hand's betting round, you will get a jackpot contribution added to the jackpot amount. 

What is the threshold hand?

The threshold hand is a configurable hand such as a Straight, Flush, Royal Flush, etc. For this current event, the threshold hand is: Four of a Kind