This is a progressive challenge feature with mini-games and higher rewards as you reach the top of the ladder.

How to play?

In Ladder of Loot, you must climb a ladder by beating bigger Poker challenges and mini-games. As you move up this ladder, you’ll have the option to bank rewards like chips, gold, and XP, before playing a mini-game for a shot at even greater winnings.

You will have to complete a challenge or mini-game at each ladder rung.

After each rung of the ladder, you will have the choice: take your rewards, or test your luck by moving onto the next rung and take on another challenge. If you move on and fail to complete the challenge, you will lose everything you have earned.

What is Ladder Rungs?

Rungs have a challenge or a mini-game associated with them. Rung with a mini-game will be highlighted in gold.

What are the Mini-games?

Two types of mini-games will be presented: Poker Blitz and HiLo.

What is Poker Blitz?

Poker Blitz shows two pairs of hole cards to the player along with 5 cards in the center. To win the round, players must pick the best pair of hole cards which form the strongest hand along with the cards in the center.

What is Hi/Lo?

In a simple game, the dealer will deal 2 cards face up. The player will then guess whether the next card for each will be Higher or Low.


  • King is the highest card. Ace is the lowest card. This is reflected on the table felt.
  • Each card dealt will have a clickable ‘High’ and a ‘Low’ button.
  • Clicking on either button will move the existing card away, and a card will leave the deck to replace it, flipping over in the process.
  • If the player clicks ‘High’ and the replacement card is higher, the player has won the round.
    > If it is lower, the player has lost.
    > This works vice versa for ‘Low’
  • A ‘round’ of this mini-game begins with the reveal of a card.
    > The round ends with the reveal of whether the player is correct after the player has made a selection.