It is rare for chips to simply go "missing." Bad beats and losing hands are often the most common causes of chip disappearances. Zynga poker ensures cards will always be dealt at random, however, there is never a guarantee specific hole cards will always win.

Claims of missing chips are often the result of an active poker feature that consumes a small portion of winnings from the communal pot. Outlined are poker features that commonly result in misconceptions of missing chips.

Table rake - Similar to comparative online poker games, Zynga Poker institutes a small percentage table rake on cash games and tournaments. This small amount helps us keep the game economy balanced and the game competitive.

We have recently changed the visual experience for Table Rake. You will notice chips being deducted from the pot before chips are distributed to the winning players. Some of those chips go to the dealer as the rake.

In the example below, the pot is $ 20k. When the hand is over, the dealer keeps the rake and the winner gets $ 17k.

Hand Strength Meter (HSM) - When activated, the HSM will help gauge the strength of your poker hand.

NOTE: For the time being, HSM fee is free!

Steps to disable the HSM:

Tap on the meter below your cards to enable/disable the feature between hands.

Tournament Buy-in Fee - Similar to the table rake, the tournament buy-in fee is a percentage of the pot total and helps keep the tournament environment balanced and competitive.

If you would like a member of the support team to further investigate a missing chip claim, please submit a support incident.