The only safe and secure way to purchase Virtual Currency (e.g. Farm Cash, Poker chips, Slot coins, etc.) is directly through our games.

Each game that offers the opportunity to purchase game currency which has a button or link that will take you to the payment screen where you can select your desired package and make your purchase.

The purchase of any of our items or currency from any other site is a violation of Zynga's Terms of Service. In addition, Zynga does not guarantee any offers made on these sites. Zynga is not responsible for any losses incurred through the use of other sites and we are unable to restore any items purchased from them.

Remember, the only safe method of purchasing currency/items for our games is directly through Zynga applications.

By visiting or purchasing Zynga game currency/items from a separate non-Zynga game site you risk your account with us, AND you also risk your having your personal information stolen!

All of these methods are clicked on directly from the game pages. Zynga will not ask you to go to another website to fill out information nor will we make any offers in chat windows in the games. Scammers and identity thieves will often tell you to go to another URL or website or try to trade you an item at a really reduced price.

For more information about our Terms of Purchase (Section 8. Payment Terms), please click HERE.