Bumped Out is a fast-paced game on Snapchat where your goal is to bump all other players off the Island and avoid getting bumped off yourself.

If you already have Snapchat installed, search for “Bumped Out” in the search bar at the top of the app, or find it in the Rocket ship menu within Chat. If you don't have Snapchat installed, visit the link below to install Snapchat and start playing:
How do I play?
The aim of the game is to try to bump your friends over the edge and be the last remaining player on the Island. Watch out as the Island will periodically shrink so you don't fall off the edges!

Use the joystick at the bottom to control your vehicle. You can move the joystick to a more comfortable position by tapping left or right in the lower portion of the screen.

The game ends when you either get bumped off the Island or you're the last player remaining.
How do I start a game?
Open the Chat screen and tap on a Chat or a Group Chat.

Once you're in a chat, tap on the Rocket ship icon in the bottom right corner to open the game drawer.

Look for Bumped Out and simply tap "Play" to start a game.

When you have started a game, everyone in the Chat will receive a notification to join you to play.
How do I invite friends to play?
Open an existing Group Chat with the friends you would like to play with or create a new one.

Choose a name for your group and select the friends you would like to join from your list.

Start the game and then tap the "Ring Friends" icon at the bottom of the screen to invite them.

Your friends will receive a notification asking them to join you.
How do I earn coins?
The position you place in at the end of the game determines how many coins you earn. The higher you place, the more coins you get. If you are the first player to be bumped out, you will not earn any coins when the game ends.

Tip: Earn extra coins by bumping into others as many times as you can.

You can spend these coins in the Store and upgrade your Vehicle.
How do I purchase more Vehicles?
(1) Tap on the Vehicle button in the top left corner to access the Store.
(2) The specifications shown beside each Vehicle will help you decide which one to purchase. To purchase the Vehicle, simply tap on the button that shows how much it costs.
(3) You now have a new Vehicle in your collection.