ReVamp is a thrilling multiplayer game on Snapchat where a team of 4 to 6 players is challenged to fix a mansion and defeat a Vampire. From among the players, one will be randomly selected to play as the secret Vampire. The other players will play as Renovators.

Renovators can win the game if they are able to finish all their  tasks or expose the identity of the Vampire. Team work will involve speed to complete tasks and deductive skills to uncover the Vampire.

The Vampire can win if they are able to sabotage the tasks so the mansion blows up, or if they bite all Renovators before being exposed. This role will need stealth, deception and cunning as Renovators are on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

If you already have Snapchat installed, search for “ReVamp” in the search bar at the top of the app, or find it in the Rocketship menu in the Chat screen.

How do I start a game?

Open the Chat screen and tap on a Chat or a Group Chat. Once you're in a chat, tap on the Rocket icon in the bottom right corner to open the game drawer.

Look for the game ReVamp. You can choose to  Play Strangers or Play Friends. When you have started a game, everyone in the Chat will receive a notification to join you to play.

You will need to have at least four players to start a game. The player who starts the game is the Host (player in red). The Host can start the game once there are enough players in the Foyer.

Among the players who joined the game, one will secretly be assigned to play as the Vampire while the remaining players will form the Renovator team.

You are not the Vampire when you receive the Renovator message:

You are the Vampire when you receive this message and a list of fake Vampire tasks:

The Renovators will win if they finish all of their tasks or they uncover the Vampire and vote to execute them. The Vampire wins if they kill enough Renovators or they blow up the mansion.

How do I move my character?

When playing on a device, move your player by using the Joystick.

You can change the position of the Joystick by tapping the Gear icon then toggle between Left or Right.

How do I play?

When playing as a Renovator:

The Renovator team will have to complete tasks for specific rooms in the mansion. Each Renovator team member will have their own list of tasks to complete.

To complete a task, move your player close to the task location, then tap the Fixbutton. Follow the white arrows to find the locations where tasks must be completed.

Tasks that appear in red are emergency tasks caused by sabotage and should be fixed with the highest priority! If a Gas Leak is not fixed in time, the mansion will blow up and the Vampire wins! Follow the red arrows to find the locations where emergency tasks must be completed.

Renovators will win, when they correctly identify the Vampire during  Voting or complete all Renovator tasks before the Vampire blows up the mansion!

When playing as the Vampire:

The Vampire can sabotage the Renovators by causing Gas Leaks and Light failures, which will need to be fixed by Renovators.

If a Gas Leak is not fixed in time, the mansion will blow up and the Vampire wins.

The Vampire can also proceed to follow Renovators and execute them.

"Vampire (Fake) Tasks" are task locations that the Vampire can go by following the white arrows to appear busy and unsuspicious to Renovators.

The Vampire wins when:
  • There are not enough Renovators left, either by directly killing Renovators or getting them booted during voting.

  • The Vampire has blown up the mansion.

When playing as either Renovator or Vampire:

Any player may fix the Lights andGas Leak Emergencies, even the Vampire.

Any player may call ONE Emergency Meeting by tapping the Emergency button in the Lounge.

Any player can report a dead body (including the Vampire) by tapping the Report button.

Voting Screen:

Calling an Emergency Meeting and Reporting a Body both trigger the Voting Screen where you can chat and vote to find out who the Vampire is. Every player who is still alive (including the Vampire) gets a vote. A slain or booted Renovator can no longer vote or chat.

Voting is optional. If you'd rather not vote, you can skip and forfeit your vote for this round. If the player who gets the most votes is not the Vampire, then this player is booted out and becomes a ghost. If the Vampire gets the most votes, the Renovators win.