What is WonkaVentures?
WonkaVentures is a new collectible game, available for a limited time. Collect Cards to win HUGE rewards by simply playing the game!
How do I get Cards?

Spin on Any Machine
Cards will appear randomly as you spin. You can receive a Card Pack on any spin in any Machine. The Cards that drop are dependent on the type of Card Pack. (Your chances of getting a Charlie card are not higher in a Charlie-themed Machine - they are equal in any Machine.)

Card Rarity
Each Card has a rarity value displayed at the top. The more stars a Card has, the more rare it is. Cards with fewer stars are easier to find while Cards with more stars are more difficult.

One star Cards are more common and easier to find.

Five star Cards are rare and more difficult to find.

There are 5 types of Card Packs
  • Bronze Pack
  • Silver Pack
  • Gold Pack
  • Ruby Pack
  • Sapphire Pack
1 Star Cards can be achieved from any Pack
2 Star Cards can only be achieved from Silver Packs or Higher
3 Star Cards can only be achieved from Gold Packs or Higher
4 Star Cards can only be achieved from Ruby Packs or Higher
5 Star Cards can only be achieved from Sapphire Packs

When you bet higher, you are eligible for Eligible for Higher Rarity Card Packs.