The dice being rolled on the board is 6 sided. Rolling the dice can land you on 6 kinds of tiles: Blank Tile, Coin Tile, Challenge Tile, Mega Challenge Tile, Trunk Tile and Upgrade Tile.

Blank Tile

Landing on this tile will not have any payout. The dice can be rolled again at this point.

Coin Tile

Landing on this tile will give an instant credit payout. After the credit grant, the dice can be rolled again.

Challenge Tile

Landing on this tile will activate a challenge and dice rolls will be disabled. An active challenge has to be completed in order to enable dice rolls again.

Challenges can be completed on any machine of choice.

Mega Challenge Tile

Landing on this tile also acts like the Challenge Tile. On completing the Mega Challenge, dice rolls are enabled and also a trunk payout is rewarded.

Trunk Tile

Landing on this tile is the main objective of the event because trunks give out trinkets that build the decor placed at the center of the board.

Upgrade Tile

This is seen only in the Bonus board. Landing on this tile upgrades the Bonus reward that will be won at the end of the event.