What is Get Set Race?
Get Set Race is a new week-long event in which a player forms a team of 5 and races against another team towards a final goal.
How long does the event run?
The event runs for a week and can have multiple rounds depending on how many rounds are completed. When either team reaches the goal, the round ends, and a new round begins.
How are teams formed?
Players need to spin on any Machine to join/form a team. A team of 5 players is formed with players of similar strength. These 5 players will compete against another team of 5 of similar capabilities.
Why is "Get Set Race!" disabled for me?
The player needs to spin at least once on any Machine to be drafted on a team.
How to collect flags?
On spinning on any Machine, random bag drops are granted, These bags contain flags that give the player their team progress by filling the accumulator.
How do I collect more flags?
The bigger the bet, the larger the number of flags in each bag.
What is the objective of this event?
Teams compete to reach the goal by collecting the required number of flags represented by the goal. Whichever team reaches the goal first wins that round.
Which team will I be in?
Every player will always find themselves placed into Team Blue, and opponents will always appear to be in Team Red.
How are players ranked in the leaderboard?
The player including their teammates is ranked based on how many flags they collect in each round. The leaderboard points refresh whenever the next round starts.
How do I move around the track?
Every bag drop on the Machine will move the player on the track by one node.
What do the golden Coins on the map nodes represent?
On reaching these nodes the player is granted a Coin reward.
What happens when I reach the Chest node on the Map?
On reaching the Chest node on the map, the player is granted some flags along with a Coin reward. The player has a chance of getting a large number of flags from this Chest reward.
When is the Winning Team Prize Pool granted?
At the end of each round, when either Blue Team or Red Team reaches the target flag goal, the round result is announced and prizes are given to the players. That's when the Winning Team Prize Pool is divided amongst all the players in the victorious team.
How is the Winning Team Prize Pool distributed?
The credits will be shared within the winning team based on the percentage of flags collected by each member. The player who has collected the largest number will win the largest share.
Who will be given the MVP reward?
In the winning team, the top contributor i.e. the player who has collected the most number of flags (at least more than 20% of the goal), will be awarded the MVP reward. There is an additional MVP reward for the non-winning team too.
What do the gold and silver crowns represent?
These crowns on the leaderboard represent the MVP players in either team. Gold for the leading/winning team, and Silver for the other team.
Totally how many rounds can be played?
There is no fixed limit on the number of rounds. The feature continues and rounds will refresh every time a team reaches the goal until the feature timer runs out. The feature duration is one week.
What do the Cheer All and Gift All buttons do?
On tapping on the gift box below the leaderboard, a small dialog opens, a player can cheer their teammates by clicking "Cheer All" and/or gift their teammates some Coins by clicking the "Gift All" button.