What is Coco’s Cabaret Rescue?

Coco’s Cabaret Rescue is an event that focuses on collaboration and team competition. During the event, players will be randomly assigned to different teams of 10 to 40 members.

Each team will be tasked with the challenge of finding Pearls that have been stolen from Coco. The team receives a giant reward upon completion of a level and will move up the team to a more difficult level with a larger reward.

How do I collect Pearls?

Pearls are earned by spinning on any machine in both Main Lobby and VIP Suite. The higher you bet on the machines, the more Pearls you are likely to collect.

How are the rewards shared?

Each member of your team will get a share of the team prize pool for completing a challenge according to your contribution. You will get a bigger share of the rewards the more Pearls you have contributed!

What are the rewards for the event?

Each team has its own leaderboard and there are 3 types of rewards to be won:
  • Level completion reward – Each player receives the reward based on the number of pearls the player finds. To get the reward the team needs to complete that level
  • Star Contributor reward – The player who finds the most number of Pearls receives the Star Contributor award with additional reward.
  • Feature end reward – All players receive a participation reward at the end of the event in proportion to the total Pearls that they find.