The number of VIP points you have collected determines your VIP tier, which determines the VIP benefits you will receive while playing at Black Diamond Casino.
Each VIP tier grants you:
  • A Mystery Reward every time you upgrade tiers, higher tiers give you Mystery Rewards periodically as well.
  • An extra percentage of coins on your purchases.
  •  Extra coins on your Daily Bonus.
  •  An extra percentage of coins on gifts you collect & send to friends.
  •  An extra percentage of coins when friends accept your game invitations.
  •  An extra percentage of coins on your Jackpot wins.
  •  A higher limit on the amount of coins you can send/collect.
The more VIP points you collect, the higher your VIP tier, the better your VIP benefits. 
You can view the full list of VIP tier benefits by selecting the information button on the VIP tier bar at the top of the lobby screen, or from the menu