From time to time, players will be offered random bundles in the game. Depending on the contents of the package, items will directly go to certain areas in the game after a successful purchase.

Listed below are the items mostly included in bundles and some details on where you can find them (make sure to restart your game after purchase so that adjustments will reflect in the game):

Gems - main currency of the game. Used to purchase most of the resources and skip upgrades/ build times, etc. If you purchase a bundle or package with Gems, they are automatically added on your Gem Total. Tip: Check your Gem balance before making any purchase to know if they are added afterwards.

Food and Gold - bundles that include Food and Gold are added automatically as Relics and goes directly to your Relic Inventory. Bundles normally shows them differently depending on their Increments (5K, 10K, 20K, 50K, 200K, 500K).

Portal Stones - normally used to Raid or Capture lands, they can be included in some bundles or you can buy more using Gems. When purchase is made, the Portal Stones will be added automatically to your total. Tip: also take note of the number of Portal Stones before purchase to ensure that they are added after the transaction.

Tokens - the game has different tokens (Daily, Relic, Titan, Epic Titan) which are randomly included in some bundles. After purchasing, these tokens are added directly in the Temple and depending on the token you're getting, you will see a "x1" on the altar where you can redeem them.

Builder Token - This is added directly to the Build Shop in the game (crossed hammer and wrench icon on the lower right ofthe screen). Open the Shop and you will see a "x1" on the Builder's Yard.

Castle Shield - Castle Shield are not automatically put up in the game when you purchase it. Players need to activate this by going to the Kingdom View (where you can see your Garrison and the lands surrounding it). Tap on the Garrison/ Main land and tap on the Shield icon on the left side of the screen. Castle Shields lasts for 24 hours. Please take note that attacking any other player while the shield is up will disable it.

Troops and Spells - some bundles may include troops and spells on them. They are automatically added to your Army Camp or Spell Forge ready to use. In case these storages are full, the Troops and Spells becomes scrolls that are added in your Relic Inventory. These scrolls will not automatically fill in the vacant storage space of the Army camp and Spell Forge, players will need to access the inventory and tap on the "Use" button to utilize them.