Greetings Titans!

The Temple is undergoing a transformation! Exclusive Titans have arrived and taken up residence at the Temple, while some of the current Titans are going out into the world on new adventures.

You can now win any of these Titans from the Temple:

The above Titans are available in the following Altars:

  • Titan Altar
  • 5x Multi-Titan Altar
  • 15x Multi-Titan Altar
  • Level 15-40 Altar

Note: The Temple might undergo changes during special Events and you might find different Titans taking over the Temple Altars on those days
With the escalation of conflict in the world and the arrival of the Gods, the Titans are always looking for new frontiers to conquer and new adventures to discover.

This means we can expect the Temple to receive more Titans on a regular basis while current residents leave to embark on new quests. Watch this space to keep track of the Titans available at the Temple on regular non-Event days.

See you on the battlefield!
Team Dawn of Titans