Profile suspensions are applied to any player who failed to follow our rules of fair play. We carefully examine and review all information available to us before applying an account suspension, ensuring each one is accurate. Any player caught cheating will be permanently suspended from playing the game as stated in this blog post: Anti Cheat Blog
Below is the list of possible reasons why you might be suspended from the game:
1. Attempting to hack the game, or obtaining any in-game items, or currency unfairly. This includes purchasing game currencies or items from any outside source (not within the game).
2. Abusing any exploits in our game to gain an advantage. We understand that these can occasionally be accidentally found, but if we find proof of repeated abuse of a bug or exploit, then your account will be suspended. If you do find an exploit in the game, please report it to our support team!
3. Gaining early access to items or features through hacking or exploit abuse.
4. Posting any offers encouraging players to purchase or acquire in-game currencies and items from an outside source (not within the game).
5. Collecting any rewards multiple times.
6. Fast-tracking your Player/ Castle/ Building/ Titan/ Troops levels using any 3rd party software.
7. Impersonating any other person, including without limitation a Zynga or a Natural Motion employee
8. Anything else that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. 
For more information, you may visit our Terms of Service.