We have released several Soul Boost Relics in the game and sometimes, players get confused about why some relics work once equipped to their Titans and some don't.

These Relics will only function when they are equipped on the correct Titans and most importantly if the type of Souls required during an event coincides with how the Relic was designed.

Here's a quick guide as to where and when to use the Relics in the game:

Minotaur's Bounty
  • Equip to: Minotaur
  • Event Soul Requirement: Iron Souls

Nazul's Heirloom
  • Equip to: Nazul
  • Event Soul Requirement: Earth Souls

Auria's Bounty
  • Equip to: Auria
  • Event Soul Requirement: Frost Souls

Loki's Trinket
  • Equip to: Loki
  • Event Soul Requirement: Storm Souls

Ilzar's Heirloom
  • Equip to: Ilzar
  • Event Soul Requirement: Fire Souls

Toxic Trinket
  • Equip to: Infiltrator Titans
  • Event Soul Requirement: Poison Souls