With the release of the latest 5* Relics, a lot of players were asking as to how they will know if the extra effects of these items are applied during battles.
The following Relics have these extra effects (on attack):

  • Forsetti's Axes: Troop Armor Piercing (2x effect on attack)
  • Conyer's Falchions: Titan Armor Piercing (5x effect on attack)
  • Yoichi's Yumiya: All Troop Damage (2x effect on attack)

The extra buff will NOT show in the info card of the Titan however, you can confirm that they are applied once you see the Relic icon on the left side of the battle progress bar. This will show as soon as you tap on the "Fight" button to start the attack. See the image below:

For defensive battles, the Relic icon will instead show on the right side of the battle progress bar. The following Relics have the extra effects on defense:

  • Godfrey's Poleaxe: Titan Damage (2x effect on defense)
  • Actaeon's Arms: Troop Resist against All Damage (2x effect on defense)
  • Sigurd's Gram: Titan Armor (3x effect on defense)

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