As of update 1.38, a new Prestige Skill can be unlocked for every 4* Titan. Unlocking and upgrading this skill bestows powerful abilities for your max-level 4* Titans, enriching the gameplay experience, and bringing more depth and strategy to battles.

Q & A’s:

What is Titan Prestige?
Titan Prestige unlocks exciting new battle mechanics in Dawn of Titans - from boosts to base stats, new Invoke effects, Omega Troop buffs, and more. With Titan Prestige, many of your favorite Titans will have unique Prestige skills.

How do I unlock Titan Prestige?
To access the feature a player must meet the following requirements:
  • Must be at Castle level 20 or above.
  • Must have a Hall of Titans at level 15 or above.
  • Must have a 4* Titan at level 60.

Where can I access Titan Prestige?
The feature can be accessed via the Hall of Titans.

How do I unlock and enhance the Prestige Skill of my Titan?

  • Once a 4* Titan has reached Level 60, you will need 4* Titans of the same Element to increase your Titan’s Prestige level.
  • Each Prestige Level has a number of slots that must be filled in order to progress to the next Prestige Level.
  • Prestige starts at Level 1, and maxes out at Level 10 for all Titans.
  • The number of Titans required to Enhance through each Prestige level will change as the Prestige Level increases.


For any Titan Prestige level that has multiple slots required, a DUPLICATE TITAN can be used to fill two slots (instead of the normal one slot filled by a Titan of the same SAME ELEMENT).

  • A duplicate Titan can only fill slots within a single Titan Prestige level.
  • A duplicate Titan used for Enhancing a Prestige Skill, which only requires one slot, does not carry over a slot to the next level.
  • A duplicate Titan used in the final slot (e.g. 3/3) will NOT carry over one slot to the next Titan Prestige level.

  • Save your duplicate Titans for higher Prestige Levels, when more slots are required (i.e. Enhancing a Totec using another Totec will fill two slots when upgrading Prestige level).
  • It is recommended you use 4* Titans at Level 1 when Enhancing your chosen Titan, as leveled 4* Titans will provide no additional benefit when doing so.
  • Every past, present, and future 4* Titan has a Prestige Skill, so pick your Prestige Titans carefully.

For more information regarding this feature, visit our blog post here.