We have recently introduced a number of changes to Milestone and Ranking Rewards for specific Alliance War Events in Dawn of Titans. For a number of months, our team has been hard at work analyzing player data during Events, and looking for ways to improve rewards for those that participate in Events by earning Souls. As a result, we have made a number of changes to Milestone Rewards over the last six months, such as:

  • Increase in the number of Portal Stones available.
  • Increase in the number of Gems available.
  • Increase in the number of Event Tokens available.
  • Increase in the number or rarity of XP Potions in the track.
  • More 4* Titans available during select Events.
  • More 4* Relics available during select Events.
  • Increase in the number of Chosen Titans that provide a 1.4x Boost for select Events.

With these changes, we aim to increase Event participation across the playerbase, from low level to max level players. By adding more Portal Stones in the Milestone track, for example, we now provide more direct opportunity for a broader range of players to engage in Events and achieve higher Soul counts than ever before.

In addition to these updates, we’ve also made changes to the Ranking Rewards for select weekend Events. For future Alliance Wars (starting March 18th 2021), the Ranking Rewards will largely follow the template below (subject to change):

At Rank 1:
  • New Reward: Lvl60 Event Titan
  • Previous Reward: Lvl40-50 Event Titan
At Rank 2:
  • New Reward: Lvl50 Event Titan
  • Previous Reward: Lvl30-40 Event Titan
At Rank 3:
  • New Reward: Lvl40 Event Titan
  • Previous Reward: Lvl20-30 Event Titan
At Rank 4-5:
  • New Reward: Lvl30 Event Titan
  • Previous Reward: Lvl10-20 Event Titan
At Rank 6-10:
  • New Reward: Lvl20 Event Titan
  • Previous Reward: Lvl5-10 Event Titan
At Rank 11-50:
  • New Reward: Lvl10 Event Titan
  • Previous Reward: Lvl1 Event Titan
At Rank 51-100:
  • New Reward: Lvl1 Event Titan
  • Previous Reward: Lvl5 Intermediate Titan
At Rank 101-250:
  • New Reward: Event-Themed Elemental Token (e.g. Void Elemental Token)
  • Previous Reward: 4,000 Gems
At Rank 251-500:
  • New Reward: All Elemental Token
  • Previous Reward: 3,000 Gems
At Rank 501-750:
  • New Reward: 2,000 Gems
  • Previous Reward: 2,000 Gems
At Rank 751-1000:
  • New Reward: 1,200 Gems
  • Previous Reward: 1,200 Gems
At Rank 751-1000:
  • New Reward: 600 Gems
  • Previous Reward: 600 Gems
At Rank 751-1000:
  • New Reward: 200 Gems
  • Previous Reward: 200 Gems

With these changes, we aim to provide increasing value to all players as they climb the ranks, and reduce the friction for Alliances and Alliance Leaders caused by attempts to drop or climb positions, often during the final hours before an Event ends.

In addition, we want to award more players with the main Event Titan, and provide enough 4* Titans to give even more players a chance to compete in higher Leagues and utilise the Titan Prestige feature introduced to the game last year. By doubling the number of Alliances that get rewarded the main event Titan (increase from Top 50 to Top 100), we believe obtaining a strong, meta Titan is now more achievable for a significant number of players.

It should also be stated that some of these changes have been made to discourage unintentional or unbalanced behaviors we discovered during our analysis of Event participation. For example, some players were utilizing certain playstyles to achieve Ranking Rewards with low participation and Soul counts that do not reflect the intention of the leaderboards and Alliance War Events. We believe players should be rewarded for their participation and efforts, and Alliances should be recognized for banding together, maximizing their numbers, and setting goals for their members with each Event. We do not want to incentivize kicking of Alliance members, swapping Alliances or halting members from earning more Souls.

As with all changes made to the game, we will be closely monitoring the response from the players, and we will continue to make changes if we feel they are necessary. We want to remind the community that we do take all feedback from all our channels on board, and we thank you for getting in contact with us to let us know your thoughts on any and all aspects of Dawn of Titans. We are incredibly grateful and proud of the strong community that DoT has developed over the years, and we hope you are looking forward to our upcoming Events with all-new pantheons of Titans and exciting new story developments.