Profiles and save data will not be lost upon transferring to a new device.  By logging into the Google Play Games app or Gamecenter app with the same login credentials as your previous device, you will be prompted when starting Dawn of Titans on the new device of which profile you want to continue with (your existing one from a previous device, or a brand new profile). We advise that you always keep a record of your Player ID and Zynga ID (ZID) in case you encounter issues when loading your profile on a new device. 

Please also make sure you save your account login information for the Google Play Store and Gamecenter apps, as these are used when connecting to Dawn of Titans to retrieve your data. 

If you wish to switch platforms from iOS to Android or vice versa, our Customer Support team can assist you in doing so. Please contact in-game support and have your original device ZID and new device ZID noted down, and we will help you transfer your profile.