It’s very important to us that Dawn of Titans is an environment where everyone has fun and plays fair, so for this reason we are constantly improving our systems to detect and ban players who don’t abide by the rules.   

Below is a list of some of the reasons why you might be banned from Dawn of Titans. If we find that your profile has evidence of any of the prohibited activities below, you will be banned. 

  1. Attempting to hack the game, or obtaining anything unfairly.
  2. Abusing any exploits in our game to gain an advantage. While we understand these can occasionally be accidental, if we find proof of repeated abuse of a bug then you will be banned. If you do find an exploit in the game, please report it to us!
  3. Gaining early access to items or features through hacking or exploit abuse
  4. Anything else that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. 
  5. Anything reported in chat  considered offensive, illegal, or against the spirit of the game.

Please note we cannot take personal circumstances into account when reviewing bans, so be careful and make sure that nobody else is tampering with your device. 

There are many more helpful tips and information about how to protect your Zynga account on our website at this link:  Security Tips and Information

For a full list of dos and don’ts for in-game conduct, see Zynga’s  Terms of Service.  Don’t forget that violating Zynga’s Terms of Service could get you suspended from Zynga’s games and services.