High across the hills and towering above the unkempt fields and uneven landscape, The Hall of Titans can be seen in the distance, impressive and empowering. This is the mighty housing for your fearless Titans. Within these great walls, your Titans will train, and they will grow.

Upgrade your Hall of Titans to increase the number of Titans you can house in your Hall. So what are Titans?

Titans are overly tall and strong beings, born of relics from magical lands known as the Elder Stones. Titans come in many shapes, sizes, races, genders, and beard lengths.

Titans are extremely powerful. It can lead to some of them being quite vain. Certain Titans are deliberately angry and full of rage (attention seekers) while others are passionate heroes ready to fight for a better cause.

How do you train a Titan?

To increase the level of your Titans, make sure you’re using them in battle – as they fight, they’ll earn XP to increase their level.

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