Which Troop is best against whom? Here is the lowdown!

Archers - With the right support, Archers are extremely effective against Spearmen and other slow Units.
Militia - Fast and deadly, Militia are best used against Ranged Units.
Spearmen - Well-trained and armored, Spearmen can easily overcome Militia.
Archers are strong against Spearmen and weak against Militia.
Militias are strong against Archers and weak against Spearmen.
Spearmen are strong against Militia and weak against Archers.

Panthers - Mossmane Panthers are fast and lightly-armored, and excel at flank attacks.
Grenadiers - Unak Grenadiers are extremely deadly at long range, but venerable melee attacks.
Pikemen - Elithen Pikemen are well-armored Troops, who excel in both attack and defense. 
Goliaths - Ragnar Goliaths are slow but durable, and deal massive damage. 

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