Castle – Upgrading the castle allows you to upgrade other buildings, and train more human troops. Upgrade this building to:

  • Increase the max level of buildings
  • Increase the number of unlocked buildings that can be built
  • Unlock new building types

Builders Yard
 - For every builder you have, one builder can be constructed or upgraded.

Portal- The Portal produces Portal Stones that allow you to enter battle. Upgrade to increase Portal Stone production.

Farm – The Farm will continually produce food up to the storage limit. If its storage is full, collect the food to start production again. Upgrade this building to: 

  • Increase the Farm’s storage limit
  • Increase the Farm’s food production rate

Granary – The Granary holds food collected from the farm. Upgrade it to increase the amount of food your City can store.

Grain Reserve – Grain Reserves protect some of your Food from being stolen when your City is raided by other alliances.

Gold Mine – The Gold Mine will generate Gold for your kingdom up to its storage limit. If it is full, collect the gold it is holding to start generating Gold again. Upgrade the market to:

  • Increase the Gold Mine’s storage limit
  • Increase the rate at which the Gold Mine generates gold

Gold Vault – The Gold Vault stores Gold collected from the Gold Mine. Upgrading it increases the maximum amount of Gold your City can store.

Gold Reserve - This protects some of your Gold from being stolen when your City is attacked.

Garrison– The Garrison determines how many units will be defending your city against enemy armies. Upgrade it to increase the number of troops it can hold.

Barracks – The Barracks is where troops are trained. Upgrade it to increase the build queue – the number of units that can be trained at once.

Army Camp – The Army Camp holds units once they’ve been trained in the Barracks. Upgrading it increases the maximum number of trained troops you can store.

Alliance Camp– The Alliance Camp allows you to request reinforcements from other members of your alliance. Upgrade it to increase the number or level of the troops you can receive.

Armory – The Armory determines the level of the troops your Barracks will produce. Upgrade it to increase the level of your troops – boosting their heath and the amount of damage they deal.

This is just a small selection of the buildings your city can hold – as your City grows you’ll unlock new, more powerful buildings that will help your Kingdom increase its reach even further.