Although we’re certain you’ve spent many hours perusing our very thorough Terms of Service, you may not know that sharing your account with other players is actually in violation of our terms.

Why does this rule exist?

Though it may sound arbitrary, this rule is actually in place to protect your CSR2 account and your hard earned cars and items. Sharing accounts can (and often does) result in a number of painful consequences, including:

- Your profile being irretrievably overwritten
- Corruption of your profile
- Resetting your profile and loss of progress
- Lost items

I’ve been sharing my account, should I be worried?!

Don’t panic! The best approach if you’ve been sharing your account is simply to change your Game Centre / Google Play password and to stop sharing as soon as you can. So long as nobody else is logging into your account, then you’ll be safe from the potential repercussions listed above. It’s important to note that, because account sharing violates our terms, we can’t be held accountable if you lose or otherwise have issues with your account.

Should I report people I think are account sharing?

There’s no need to report players you think might be sharing accounts – our main concern is for the safety of player accounts, so the best thing to do would be to advise them to stop (and to point them to this article!).