Our priority is ensuring you can play & enjoy CSR2 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

General troubleshooting

We understand the importance of a smooth experience in our game, including live races, which is why we’ve prepared these quick steps you can follow to try and improve your connection:

1. First things first – check that you have a reliable connection and that your signal is strong. Public Wi-Fi or weak signals may result in intermittent connection problems – so try and switch it up, or save live races for when you’re on a really stable connection.

2. If you’re on the move or in an underground public transport system, there’s an increased risk that your connection may fall or become intermittent. Try again once you’re able to play at the same place for a while.

3. You should ideally use WiFi with a trusted internet service provider. If there’s no WiFi then we recommend playing live races with at least a 3G connection or higher. Anything less may cause connectivity problems.

4. Try force closing CSR 2 and switching your device off & on, or disabling & then re-enabling your WiFi/Mobile connection. Load CSR 2 back up to see if this has helped.

5. Check to see if your phone is downloading anything in the background, such as music, software updates or apps – wait until these have finished for a reliable connection.

6. Make sure you’re using the latest operating system for your device and that the CSR 2 app is running on the latest version.

Live Races

We’re aware a number of players are experiencing connectivity issues specifically when playing live races. This is an ongoing issue that the CSR 2 team is aware of, and we’re working really hard to diagnose and resolve this issue.

We’ve captured significant amounts of data to help us identify the root cause of the problem and will continue to investigate this. In the meantime, check out all of the other events going on, and please feel free to try another live race later on. Once we have any updates we’ll share them with you – there is no need to contact Player Support to report this.

Still stuck?

If you’ve tried all of the above steps, and your issue isn’t regarding live races, then please get in touch with the team who will gladly help get your connection issues resolved.