It can take a few hours for the Milestone car to be awarded out - please wait a few hours before contacting Player Support.

To be awarded the Milestone car, you’ll need to be actively part of a crew which achieved at least 20,000,000 Crew RP (Reputation Points). Here are some of the most common reasons players don’t receive the Milestone car:

  • If you leave your crew during the season, you’ll no longer benefit from the Crew RP and won’t be eligible for the Milestone Car.
  • If you leave and re-join a crew shortly before the event ends, you won’t receive the Milestone car, even if the crew has over 20,000,000 Crew RP.
  • If other players leave the crew you’re in for any reason, which results in your total RP dropping below 20,000,000, you won’t be eligible for the Milestone Car.
  • Your crew doesn’t hit the required RP threshold – even if you’re really close, you won’t be rewarded the car if the total RP doesn’t hit the requirement of 20,000,000.

It’s really important your crew are all in it together and playing fairly – this helps avoid some, or all of your crew missing out on the awesome prizes.

The CSR Racing 2 team constantly review players who are eligible for the Milestone Car, so if you haven’t received it, it’s likely one of the above top reasons has happened. If you are certain that your crew reached at least 20,000,000 RP and you didn’t receive the Milestone Car, please get in touch with us.