We have noticed a few questions around the Players' Inbox feature and wanted to give you an overview of how to use it. First up, we’ve introduced a new way to reward players by awarding crew based events, mass gifts, and Leaderboard rewards on the map through the Player Inbox. Rewards for other events such as Prize Cups, Trials, etc. will not be sent to the Players' Inbox. These rewards will still be awarded instantly after each milestone race!

Anytime a reward is sent to your inbox, a badge will be present on the top left of the garage screen (the inbox/daily login logo). You’ll have 7 days to collect the inbox rewards excluding RP and Wildcard tokens which can only be claimed during Crew Cup events.

There are 2 options to claim rewards in the Player Inbox:

1: Tapping on each reward directly e.g. Crew Cup reward with 30 silver keys (see below). In this situation, you will get 30 silver keys and the 2nd reward will still be present in the Player Inbox

2: Tapping the Claim All button. By doing this you will receive all rewards instantly.

It’s worth noting that car rewards cannot be claimed via the claim all button, these are still claimed by tapping on each car separately.

As always if you have any suggestions on how we could improve this feature please do let us know on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube