We are aware that some players are experiencing an increase in in-game crashes and performance issues. We're working on fixing these as a priority.
We understand how important having a smooth CSR2 experience is, which is why we’ve prepared some top tips on how to get you back in the game:
1. Force-close other apps before opening CSR2; this is to free space on your devices’ memory:
For iOS devices:
  1. Press your Home Button twice quickly
  2. All your open apps will be displayed. 
  3. Swipe UP the app's preview image.
  4. Return to the Home screen and reopen CSR2
For Android devices:
  1. Go to "Settings" > "Applications" > "Manage Applications"
  2. Select the app and tap "Force-Stop"
  3. Return to the Home screen and re-start the game app
2. Reboot your device.
3. Get the latest game version by checking PlayStore / AppStore or by setting your Apps on Auto-update to not miss out.
It is also recommended to have the most updated OS version for your device. This ensures that any lingering issues on the current OS, if any, are fixed accordingly.
If you've tried the above steps and the game is still unresponsive, get in touch with the Customer Support team who will gladly assist you.