Why is the current system set up the way it is?

Wildcards was designed to be an inclusive system that anyone can interact with in a crew, and requires players to communicate about how they want to use it. We wanted the openness of the system to create talking points and reward well-organised crews.
Why can't you make it optional for individual Crew Leaders to set those options?

We felt that a simple, open system was the best approach.We also felt that it could be frustrating for small crews or crews with Admins or Leaders that have stopped playing the game would be unfairly punished by a lack of activity. We have always been really impressed by the ways successful crews create their own policies and wildcard strategies that members of the crew need to buy in to.
Why won't you make it admin only?

We could do this of course, but the talking points and need for communication are lessened if you remove donation and activation rights for the majority of members. Wildcards was always meant to be an interesting social feature and we feel we have achieved that.
How can we try and prevent misuse by crew members?

We have a 24 hour period where new members cannot activate Wildcards to reduce griefing. Also, a confirmation button was added at the request of players to prevent accidental wildcard activations. The best thing for crews to do is communicate their wildcard policy and make sure players that don’t co-operate are spoken to, or if they offend repeatedly, removed from the crew.