We recently made some changes to the RP cap limit to remove some of the unnecessary complexity and confusion surrounding it. Players no longer need to perform specific actions & calculate exactly how much RP each action will provide them to get what was referred to as the ‘perfect cap’. This was never how the system was intended to work.

We understand that for a small number of players this was an interesting part of the game which provided them an extra layer of competition, and feel that the reduced effort needed could result in more players winning the purple star prize car.

We feel the benefits of a simpler, more accessible RP capping system provides a better experience for our players. While we don’t plan on reverting back to the old system, as it was never intended to work that way, we continue to listen to feedback from all types of players to help us make the best possible gaming experience.

If there are more than 10 crews who achieve the same RP score, it will be considered a 'tie' and they will all be eligible to receive the purple star prize car.

We always aim to communicate upcoming changes with our community in advance of them going live, we’re sorry that this change to RP capping didn’t get shared beforehand.