Downloadable Content Changes (DLC)

Racers, as the world of racing and the automotive industry continues to grow and more incredible cars are created, CSR2 and the cars you have access to must also grow with it! Because of this ever-growing roster of incredible cars that you will have access to, we are making some changes to how you get your hands on certain content. These changes will be coming to the game soon in a future update. Read on to explain how this is going to happen.

What’s changing?

With so many cars, tracks, characters, and events, the CSR2 app is quite a big one, and iOS only allows apps to be a certain size to be available for download. So, when you download the game currently, all the content that is in the game is downloaded with it, and this is part of the reason the app is so big. As we keep adding content to each release, we get closer to hitting that maximum size that iOS apps have put in place.

To counteract the size of the app whilst making sure that you can still get the right cars and the correct content when you need it, we will be moving to a downloadable content model. This will affect new players and existing players in slightly different ways; below, we break down what will happen and what the difference is:

How it affects new players:

If you’re a new player and you’ve just downloaded the game (firstly, welcome!), you will not have access to live races, crew hangouts, or live events until all the cars are downloaded.

Events will be limited as you start working through your opening levels and begin to race! But, whilst you get settled in, the content will continue to download in the background and once you reach rank 7, you’ll have access to the full CSR2 experience!

How it affects existing players:

If you already have the game downloaded, then this change will affect you slightly differently. If you’re below rank 7 whilst reading this, then you’ll join the players above where a download will begin, so when you do reach rank 7, you’ll have access to the full game from that point onwards.

If you’re above rank 7 then you will see a download notification pop up. You’ll have to wait for this download to finish before you can continue playing the game. You will have the option to download the content via data or Wi-Fi; this option can be found in the settings tab of the game. Due to how our events work, if you don’t download this content then unfortunately you will not be able to take part in events.