Hi Racers,

We wanted to give you an important update that on the 31st of March, we will be stopping the Pro Leagues feature.

Since launching Pro Leagues, our community has given us valuable feedback that the feature requires an unsustainable amount of time and effort to win/progress. Connected to this, we recognize that Pro Leagues has made it difficult for some players to engage with other events and features at the same time due to the time commitment of Pro Leagues.

We want to make sure you have enough time to enjoy and race in our events for 2022, including fan favorites such as ShowDown and Elite Tuners, alongside some new, exciting unannounced events, which are on their way for you to race and explore.

With this in mind, we have put a plan in place to improve your experience.


  • Pro Leagues ends on the 31st March
  • Once Pro Leagues ends, players will focus on ShowDown to earn rewards
  • Rebalanced rewards will be introduced to ShowDown to ensure players don’t miss out on the rewards they currently get from Pro Leagues.

Please see below for a few FAQs we thought might be helpful. If you have any other questions about this change, please reach out to our support team within the app.

When is Pro Leagues ending?

  • Pro Leagues will end on 31st March. We have extended the current season by 3 weeks to allow players to interact with the feature and use up any tokens.

What should I expect?

  1. You won’t have access to Pro Leagues from 31st March
  2. There will not be ShowDown point milestone rewards
  3. There will not be promotions to higher leagues and promotion rewards
  4. Players will be able to play ShowDown as usual
  5. There will be ShowDown trophy milestone rewards as well as participation rewards.

What will happen to the Pro Leagues pin on my map?

  • There will not be a Pro Leagues pin on the map after the 31st of March. There will be ShowDown pins that appear on the map as usual.

What will happen to my ShowDown points?

  • ShowDown points will not be awarded as Pro Leagues is ending. Players will continue to earn trophies from races.

Is ShowDown also stopping?

  • No. ShowDown will remain as before and have increased importance. Look out for events such as Elite ShowDown & Crew Championship ShowDowns every season.

What will happen to my rewards once Pro Leagues stops?

  • We plan to rebalance ShowDown rewards to ensure you will receive the same amount of rewards even after Pro Leagues stops.

ShowDown Car Eligibility?

  • Car eligibility for ShowDown to remain similar. Each week there will be a set of cars that can be used for ShowDown.

What happens to my tokens after Pro Leagues Stops?

  • Tokens will expire on the 7th of April 2022. Players can use their tokens before the feature ends and for 1 week afterward.

What happens to cars I have bought through Pro Leagues tokens?

  • All cars that were bought with Pro leagues tokens will remain in the dealership for the player.

Can I still use boost in ShowDowns after Pro Leagues?

  • No. There will not be any boosts that can be used in ShowDowns once Pro Leagues stops.

Will there be boost cars after Pro Leagues?

  • No. There will not be any boost cars once Pro Leagues stops. You can use any eligible car to take part in ShowDowns.

If you have any other questions about this change, please contact our support team in the app, or head to our social channels with @CSRRacing.

See you on track!