Daily Goals has been one of the earliest features in CSR2 and the team has been working hard on taking it to the next level! We are pleased to announce that Daily Goals is being upgraded to Race Pass.

In Race Pass, you complete tasks to earn cool rewards and get to choose a Free Car at the end. On top of this, you may choose to go Premium to win an additional prize car and exclusive rewards like the Universal Stage 6 part!

What's Changing?

In the near future, we will be releasing Race Pass to all the racers and along with it sunsetting the older Daily Goals feature. Please note that Race Pass will initially be available to some players chosen randomly and will gradually be available to all of our players.

How it affects the players?

Race Pass will be accessible to players at rank 20 or above.

Both current and new players under rank 20 will continue seeing Daily Goals. Once they reach rank 20, Race Pass will be unlocked for them.

The moment when a player reaches rank 20, the status of the currently active Daily Goals is checked and if there are any ongoing tasks or rewards to claim, the player may do so until the Daily Goals reset timer ends.

After this duration, players will be shown a popup informing them that the Daily Goals feature is upgraded to Race Pass.
  • After the popup is shown, players will lose access to the Daily Goals tab in the garage sidebar and to the feature itself. Race Pass will be unlocked for them instead.
  • For players accessing Race Pass for the first time, a tutorial will be shown that gives them an overview and details of the feature. Once the tutorial is complete, players may tap on the garage icon for accessing Race Pass.
  • For players who were a part of the Race Pass beta, they can continue playing Race Pass as usual and will not be able to access the Daily Goals feature.
Using Race Pass, players will be able to finish Daily/Weekly/Bonus tasks to win regular rewards and also choose a prize car in the Free track.

If players get the Premium Pass, they will be able to win exclusive rewards and choose a prize car in the premium track. These rewards will be in addition to the rewards they win in the Free track.