UPDATE 31.01.24
We are happy to announce that we have now turned the Facebook features back on.  We recommend force closing your game and reopening for these changes to be visible in your game. 

Thanks again for your patience and continued support!



We will be conducting server upgrades, and with this, the Facebook features for CSR 2 will be temporarily disabled.

Facebook features that will not be available:

  • Getting 2500 free Cash on Facebook sign-in
  • Inviting friends on Facebook
  • Facebook Connect on Showdown would still be visible (login in from there will give an error message).
  • Crew Invite tab 

If you are Facebook-connected, your Facebook username will be changed into your Google Play / Game Centre username.

This will not affect your player profile and you will still be able to play as normal and continue your game progress.

Please note that the player name can be edited at any time via the settings.

The server upgrades will last until mid/late January 2024 and we will keep you updated here when the Facebook features become enabled again.

Thanks for your patience and continued support!